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Playing With Fire

In this article, Steve Blank discusses the potential risks of using advanced AI language models like GPT-3 without understanding their limitations and biases. While recognizing the potential benefits of these models, Blank argues that they can also be dangerous and that we need to be aware of their limitations.

Blank points out that language models like GPT-3 can generate extremely convincing fake news and propaganda, which can have serious consequences. Additionally, these models can perpetuate biases and stereotypes, which can harm marginalized communities.

Blank emphasizes that we need to approach these models with caution and work to understand their limitations and biases. He suggests that we need to prioritize ethics and social responsibility in the development and use of these models. This requires a combination of technical expertise and social awareness.

Overall, the article provides a thought-provoking perspective on the risks of using advanced AI language models like GPT-3. It highlights the need for responsible development and use of these models and the importance of considering their limitations and biases.

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